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If you are in constant pain and in need of relief in Oak Ridge TN, our team here at Eckert Chiropractic is prepared to help you. We are dedicated to helping patients like yourself achieve a pain-free, healthy, and happy lifestyle without the need for surgery or any type of medication. If you are wondering how this is possible, we would be happy to explain the process to you in detail during your first appointment with our Oak Ridge chiropractor.

Services in Oak Ridge TN

We offer a wide variety of treatments, including:

Car accident care: After an accident, seeing a chiropractor can help you to put your joints back in place so that you can be relieved of severe pain.
Back pain treatment: Chronic back pain can be difficult to treat in a typical doctor's office, but we have a variety of treatments to help.
Pediatric chiropractic: Our doctor is excellent with children, and can help make sure your kids don't suffer from aches and pains.
Sports injury treatment: If you have suffered an injury playing sports, it is important to have it treated right away so that you can resume activity.
Knee pain treatment: Chiropractic care can help provide you with lasting relief from knee pain after you have sustained an injury.
Disc degeneration: Do you suffer from degeneration? We offer several services which may help you, including spinal decompression.
Headaches: There are a variety of reasons that you may suffer from headaches or migraines and we can help determine the underlying cause.
Foot, heel, and arch pain: Having heel or arch pain can make every day activities difficult, until you experience the relief of chiropractic care.
Neck pain: Constant neck pain may be as a result of a joint or vertebrae being out of place, which can be improved during an adjustment.
Sciatica: We have helped many sciatica patients who experience long-term, lasting relief from serious symptoms.


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