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Chiropractic Oak Ridge TN Sports Injury

Sport injuries in Oak Ridge TN are very common among professional athletes and amateur players. Some prefer to keep playing conquering pain and discomfort; others skip the games in hope to beat the ailment by sitting it out on the bench.

But the above described options don’t solve the problem—pain. Of course, pain killing drugs ease the condition temporarily, but they just cover up the symptoms without eliminating the cause.

The Real Problem with Sports Injuries in Oak Ridge TN

Progressive athletes, smart coaches and responsible doctors realize that untreated injuries can trigger even more serious health outcome, if not properly cured on time. This is why many of them refer to chiropractors for professional evaluation and care.

In our office we treat all types of sport injuries from sprains, strains to misalignment, fractures and ligaments, tendons and cartilage injuries. We work with patients of all ages: children, adults and older people.

We carefully examine your current condition, evaluate your overall health and apply the right methods for the type of injury you have. Many sports involve fast starts, moves, stops; some also involve body contact and an unusual amount of pressure on your structural system and spine.

Our professionally trained chiropractors consider you as an integrated being, so we pay a lot of attention to your muscles, ligaments, nerves, tendons, joints and the spinal structure. We use only safe and natural health care techniques to help your body recover its ability to function efficiently and work at its highest potential.

The world’s most famous and successful athletes utilize professional chiropractic care to recover from injuries at the record amount of time and ensure every organ of their body works properly. Such world-class athletes, as Nolan Ryan, Carl Lewis, Joe Montana, Kareem Abdul-Jubbar, Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods keep chiropractors to get professional care they need.

Recently the Players Association of the NFL has officially incorporated chiropractic care as a part of their regular health care. Today chiropractors work shoulder to shoulder with other doctors at the Olympic Games and other world and national championships. They assist on the fields and tracks; help during volleyball, powerlifting tournaments, triathlons, cycling, powerlifting and aerobics.

If you play sports as a professional or an amateur athlete, you are not insured from sprains, falls and other sport-related injuries. Visit our office today to get the best possible body evaluation and drug- and surgery-free care. We guarantee we will not only treat your injury, we will find the cause and eliminate it, so you can enjoy your pain-free life!


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