Chiropractic Testimonials

"I’ve had back, neck, leg and hand pain for the past 4 years. My left arm would go numb leaving me unable to write. Since seeing Dr. Eckert the numbness in my arm is gone. My pain is disappearing with each visit."

- D.L.

"From the age of 17, I have had the need to see a chiropractor. I am almost retirement age and I have seen a lot of chiropractors. They were all good and have kept me from surgery. Dr. Eckert’s decompression table has worked wonders for my herniated disc, pinched nerve, and scoliosis. Dr. Eckert shows you how to maintain your adjustments through rehabilitative exercises. He takes time to make you feel like you are family. As for myself, I feel like Dr. Eckert and his wife are a God send to this area."

- L.R.

"I have had severe back pain for at least 10 years. The pain got so bad that I could hardly lay down in bed without crying from the pain. I could hardly get out of a chair without pain and without help. I was receiving shots in my back to deaden the nerves. The relief from the shots would only last a few months at a time. Since seeing Dr. Eckert I can now get in and out of bed without pain. I also can get out of a chair without pain. I know this is due to using the Decompression table and being treated by Dr. Eckert. I plan on continuing treatment with Dr. Eckert for maintenance care."

- B.W. 

"I’m a captain with the fire department in Oak Ridge and have lived with low back pain for many years. I’ve seen other chiropractors over the years and have never gotten any relief from the pain. I had come to accept it as part of being “over 40″. A couple of the guys I work with started going to Dr. Eckert and spoke very highly of him so I decided to give him a try. During my first visit, he did a complete exam (with X-rays) of me and designed a treatment plan he felt would work for me rather than treating me like every other patient. In my second visit, he explained his findings and suggested a treatment plan. I was genuinely surprised at his sincerity. I could tell he really wanted to help me. I’ve been seeing him for a few months now and I am finally living pain-free. I was skeptical in the beginning, but he has been a true blessing. I highly recommend him. Don’t let the fact that he is young fool you. He is an excellent doctor."

- J.B.

"I have been to other chiropractors, physical therapists, and even orthopedic MDs in this area and I have never found anything close to the professional approach to my back and spine problems that Dr. Eckert provided. Before he did any treatment he took x-rays and had me get an MRI. This had NEVER been done, or suggested by other the other professionals I had seen. They just wanted me to do exercises to improve my condition, which we found out through the x-rays and the MRI would not have improved my problems. He referred me to a Dr. Vargas a neurosurgeon in Knoxville for further evaluation and treatment, including possible surgery. His staff is extremely professional and very friendly. I have dropped by his office without an appointment to ask him additional questions I had regarding my problem and he always took time to meet with me and talk. I just wish I had seen him first when my back problem started. I would give Dr. Clark my highest recommendation. You will not be disappointed!!!"

- B.M.

"As of March 11, 2015, I had seen my family physician 4 times, an E.N.T. 1 time, taken 3 rounds of antibiotics, 2 rounds of steroids, and 1 round of anti-inflammatory drugs. I was still in severe pain with a headache and both ears hurt to the point I was frequently nauseated to my stomach. I had suffered for 10 weeks and was desperate to feel well again. A friend recommended Dr. Eckert and I was somewhat hesitant because I had always been skeptical of chiropractors. In my state of desperation, I went to see Dr. Eckert on March 11th. I was in such pain with the previously mentioned symptoms, my blood pressure was elevated and I was miserable. I entered the office in excruciating pain and after a pressure point massage and an adjustment by Dr. Eckert , I walked out of the building PAIN FREE!! Yes, PAIN FREE!! This sounds unbelievable and I was in shock myself but I assure you I walked out of Dr. Eckert's office with tears of joy flowing from my eyes. I had suffered for 10 weeks and I now felt normal. This was definitely "The Visit That Gave Me My Life Back". Today, April 7th was the last of 12 visits and I am beginning the first of my well visits in 2 weeks. Upon leaving Dr. Eckert's office today, I assured the friendly staff if I even began to hurt before my next visit, I would call them to come in sooner because even though I'm "Pain Free", I haven't forgotten the pain I was in the first day I visited their office. Thank You, Dr. Exert and Staff for Giving Me My Life Back!! You all are the best!!"

- K.E.

"I experienced an incident that caused debilitating back pain to the point that I could hardly walk, sit or stand and when I did either, I was in tears. Me being a retired insurance injury adjuster and having dealt with some unscrupulous chiropractors, my opinion of chiropractors was not good. Then, I was introduced to Dr. Clark Eckert by my niece and I'm so very thankful. Not only did he help me to become pain free with treatment and exercises but he also proved to me that "all" chiropractors are not the same. Dr. Eckert will not over treat you in order to bill your insurance. His concern is truly for one's wellbeing and attempting to improve the patient's health. I routinely go in for an adjustment which always makes my back and neck feel better. Dr. Eckert has a great office staff that is friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. I am glad that I can trust my care to Eckert Chiropractic and strongly recommend his office!"

- T.S.

"These days few organizations live up to expectations, even fewer meet them. Dr. Eckert, his wife Monica, and all of the staff at this practice far exceed anything that my wife and I could have reasonably expected. It's not just that, in my case, Dr. Eckert and his amazing staff have been able to relieve me from a position where a serious but limiting operation for chronic spinal stenosis seemed to be my only option, or that they have rescued me from agonizing pain that was preventing me from leading a normal life, or that they offered hope when other doctors and surgeons gave me none. The real strength and blessing has been Dr. Eckert's willingness to spend his valuable time with my wife and I examining my issues, explaining my condition, trying new things, and providing a specific course of treatment involving a number of different techniques that has allowed me to enjoy life again. Further Dr. Eckert's expertise has really helped my wife to continue with her job as a dental hygienist, a job that puts great strain on her neck and upper body. This is not just a chiropractic center, it's the real deal as a center for health and healing. These folks CARE! They provide the means to heal, and then provide advice and practical ways to keep healthy. The practice is extremely well run, and staff aren't just helpful and kind, they are a willing and able support team. Dr. Eckert and his wife Monica are very special people. Our advice - Visit them sooner rather than later."

- P.S. and B.S.

"Eckert Chiropractic is the best hands down. I traveled for a living and seen many different chiropractors over the past 10 years. After settling in Oak Ridge I looked around for a new permanent chiropractor. Being somewhat knowledgeable of different chiropractic schools/collages, I always found that Palmer graduate's are the better choice for myself due to different techniques, therapy and treatment. After some research and seeing that Dr. Clark was a Palmer graduate and being the only Palmer graduate in town I might add, I made an appointment. The first visit: Walking through the front door I was instantly greeted with a hello and a friendly smile, the receptionist asks how can I help you today? (As I'm looking around to see how clean the facility is) I proceeded to tell her my name and about my appointment. She guided me every step of the way through the short first time visitor paperwork. Not only is Eckert's staff professional, they are also easy to work with. The First Dr. Consultation: Dr. Clark Eckert took his time to make me feel comfortable ( I didn't feel rushed like some other Dr's made me feel) He took the time and answered any question I had, he also gave me advise on how to do certain low impact exercises at home, work or riding in the car that would help me out. I felt like after his consultation I was more knowledgeable and had a better understanding about the whole process. The First Adjustment: I had high expectations when I sat down and I told him that. Not only did Dr. Clark meet my expectations, he superseded them. I can't stress enough how great the staff and Dr. Eckert truly are, not to mention all the different treatment and therapy that is offered here. So take it from me, If you are in doubt or have had a bad experience somewhere and want precision and gentle care, then give Eckert Chiropractic a try. You will be glad you did, HANDS DOWN!"

- D.C.

"My son Hayden was diagnosed with Torticollis at the age of 3 months. After trying physical therapy for 3 months with no improvement I decided to try a chiropractor. We started seeing Dr. Eckert after my brother recommended him. After a month of treatments, Hayden turned his head for the 1st time. We were driving in the car and he was in his child seat. I heard him laugh out loud. He was laughing because he turned his head and saw me in the car. It was music to my ears. Hayden sees Dr. Eckert weekly and has done great. He is now pain free and a very active 3 year old. We love Dr. Eckert and his staff. He is wonderful with children and is a great doctor!"

- S.H.

"I started seeing Dr. Eckert after my daughter-in-law spoke so highly of him. I was experiencing constant pain as a result of a hip replacement surgery that I had nine months prior. After seeing Dr. Eckert for two months, I started having days that did not evolve around pain. A few months after that, I was having many days in which I forgot I had hip surgery. A few months after that I had a set back from falling down the stairs. I was scared I would have to start the process all over, but Dr. Eckert and Kendra got me back on my feet again (literally!). I am now back to having most of my days pain free. I can now get out of bed in the morning without dreading the simple task of walking. I am going to the gym, walking and looking forward to one day returning to gardening. Thanks to Dr. Eckert and Kendra I have been given my life back (even better than before!). If you know anyone who is suffering from pain, please give them hope by telling them about Eckert Chiropractic Center. I sure am glad someone told me! Thank you Dr. Eckert and Kendra!!!!"

- D.L.

"I have suffered from back, hip, leg and knee pain for the last three months. The pain has caused me to visit the emergency room twice and my primary care physician four times. Even after these trips to the ER and primary care physician, I still received no relief for my pain. My family physician recommended I go to Dr. Eckert. One visit to Dr. Eckert relieved ALL the pain! I’m going to see Dr. Eckert a few more times to insure my problem will not return."

- R.E.

"The Eckerts are the premiere chiropractic service in Oak Ridge. Offering cutting edge treatments for a wide range of aches and pains, Dr. Eckert will painstakingly identify the source of your discomfort and develop a comprehensive treatment regimen for your relief. The Eckert Chiro team can help you feel better – they improved my shoulder and knee pain after I had virtually given up hope. Thanks again!"

- C.C.

"Dr. Eckert is a superb medical professional. He provided me with top notch care, wellness information, and follow up rehabilitation movements I can accomplish on my own. As an athlete I was experiencing lower back pain due to Olympic lifts and IT tightness from half-marathon training. Dr. Eckert was able to expertly address both issues and get me back in the gym and on the roads much sooner than I had expected. Additionally his staff is always attentive and responsive to my erratic and unpredictable work schedule. I have recently moved from the area but Dr. Eckert and his expertise are sorely (pun intended) missed. I highly recommend Eckert Chiropractic Center for anyone in the Oak Ridge, TN or Knoxville, TN region."

- C.G.

"Since receiving care from Dr. Eckert I’ve experienced relief in headaches, sinus pressure, back pain, muscular tension, and hip/knee discomfort. In addition to symptom relief Dr. Eckert has taught me proactive ways to protect my back through proper exercise and breathing techniques. The variety of treatment, electronic stimulation, adjustment, exercise education, massage therapy and hydrotherapy are beneficial to my wellness. I value Dr. Eckert and his wife, Monica’s approach to patient care. They provide a warm welcome to new patients and develop regard and rapport with ongoing patients. Their office hours and appointment times are accommodating to patients with little to no wait. I am highly satisfied with the quality of care and service I receive at Eckert Chiropractic and encourage others to seek their services."

- C.M.

"I have suffered from pain and stiffness in my shoulder and mid back for the past three years. I enjoy playing flag football and lifting weights. However, the shoulder and back pain was making it tough to do these activities. Dr. Eckert has adjusted me, taught me exercises on how to improve my condition, and the massage therapist worked on stretching me. Thanks to Dr. Eckert and chiropractic care, I have been able to return to my normal healthy state of life and I can now enjoy sports again."

- C.L.

"For the past several months I had severe neck pain, I was getting headaches daily and my fingers were constantly tingling. After a few treatments my neck pain was gone and my fingers no longer tingle. Thank you Dr. Eckert for helping me return to the everday activities I truly enjoy such as fishing and yard work."

- I.H.

"My 6 year old son was up all night crying from an ear infection. Dr. Eckert had mentioned to me that chiropractic has great results at getting rid of ear infections, so I brought my son in to see him. He looked at his ears and confirmed that he did indeed have an ear infection. After being adjusted he never cried again. We went on vacation to the beach for several days and he never needed any medicine or an antibiotic – It was AMAZING! Thank you Dr. Eckert."

- C.B.

"Since 1994, I have experienced low back pain due to my athletic lifestyle. My back goes out 3-4 times a year leaving me barely able to walk. Since being treated by Dr. Eckert, I feel 100% better. I am a 39 year old man who is now able to continue my athletic lifestyle which includes motocross, mountain biking and snowboarding. Thanks Dr. Eckert for helping me get back to the life I truly love!"

- R.H.


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