Headache FAQs in Oak Ridge TN

Chiropractic Oak Ridge TN Headache FAQs

The pain of a headache in Oak Ridge TN can start behind the eye and travel down towards the back of the head. Sometimes people experience a throbbing sensation that can be quite debilitating.

Headaches can be either the primary cause or a secondary cause, which may point to an underlying medical condition. In order to receive proper diagnosis consulting with Dr. Clark Eckert in Oak Ridge, TN is highly recommended.

Over 45% of Americans suffer chronic headaches each year. It means one in six of us experience headache pains caused by nerve irritation on a regular basis.

Often over-the-counter and prescription medicine just block pain temporarily without treating the cause. According to statistics in search of permanent cure for headache annually we spend more than $50 billion in medical expenses and work absenteeism.

Few lucky ones find a solution in medication, but for many it is a constant fight of balancing between bad and good days. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be this way anymore. Modern medicine found the cause of most headaches. Recent studies conducted at the University of Maryland found the link between headache pain and muscle tension at the base of your neck. Simply speaking, your neck has sensitive fibers connected to brain and spiral cord that when disturbed by muscle contractions becomes one of the leading causes of headaches.

Other studies also show connection between migraine headaches and misalignments in the spinal vertebrae in the neck. These misalignments put pressure on the spinal nerves that cause then to send pain signals to your brain. And this is how most migraines are originated. Possessing all this knowledge about the cause of headache we have developed a two-fold remedy that will let you forget about headache forever.

The first step lies in the removal of pressure on the nerves caused by spinal misalignments. Our second step is to reduce tension in your neck and minimize nerve pressure caused by tight muscles.

This simple treatment program works effectively for most headache sufferers. Numerous studies conducted in New Zealand proved that chiropractic care helped reduce pains caused by headaches through simple manual manipulations. Additionally, the follow-up studies of the same patients two years later showed there were no more recurring headaches.

This sounds like good news for those of us who lost their hopes. Of course, not all headaches can be cured through chiropractic care. But if you suffer from tension headaches or migraines, you have to try conservative care first and visit a chiropractic office. If your chiropractor can’t help you, he will refer you to another health care professional who will be able to help. But if your chiropractor can help you, he will develop an individual treatment plan that will result in pain relief.

As a full-time chiropractor I have a lot of patients who found headache pain relief in chiropractic manipulation sessions. For your convenience, I have created a list of common questions I get about headache and its treatment.

Can an Oak Ridge TN chiropractor really get rid of my headaches?

Your chiropractor will help you understand what actually causes your headache. Your nervous system is very sensitive and sophisticated. If something goes wrong in this system, you immediately feel pain. When your vertebrae in your neck can’t properly move, it puts pressure on the nerves in that area or irritates them at the least causing headaches. The simple solution is to correct this subluxation by gently adjusting the vertebrae. And as statistics prove, most headaches are caused by subluxation; you will soon feel great relief after this problem is fixed.

Why would I have spinal problems in my neck?

There are several reasons why you may have spinal problems in your neck. Some may occur during your birth, others later when you mature and grow. No news that falls, poor posture, injuries, sport activities, car accidents all contribute to spinal problems. Even daily routine full of hectic schedules, stress and lack of time can lead to spinal problems and, consequently, to headaches. One of the indications you have spinal problems if during headache you experience neck pain and stiffness.

Are my headaches migraines?

Migraine headaches often can be unbearable. They are sharp, throbbing and severe in nature, last up to 72 hours and usually affect one side of your head. This type of headache can happen frequently (for some they occur 10 or more days per month).

Although migraines have different characteristics, they all are closely related, and therefore are caused by similar factors. Your chiropractor can treat your migraine as effectively as he fights other types of headaches. What will the chiropractor do to treat my headaches? On your first visit to the chiropractic office, your doctor will examine you first, ask questions about your problem, take an x-ray, if necessary and create a full picture of your health issue. Once your condition is fully analyzed, he will read the x-ray and test results and develop a treatment program according to your needs. What you have to keep in mind is that your chiropractor is a highly skilled professional who will apply gently manipulation to adjust your vertebrae and for this reason you can fully entrust yourself to him.

Once my headache stops, does the chiropractic care end?

Chiropractic care’s main goal is to let your body use its full potential and heal on its own. After several chiropractic sessions you will likely feel symptom relief and your pain may go away. However, I would highly recommend continuing chiropractic adjustments, as they help to retrain your spine to hold its healthy position. Your nervous system will start functioning more effectively, and your body will feel a lot fresher and younger, you will feel more energized and positive. Your chiropractor will determine when it is time to stop treatment based on your overall health and laboratory results.  If you also combine regular chiropractic care with balanced nutrition and routine exercise, you will always stay healthy and live pain-free life!


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