Common Causes of Neck Pain in Oak Ridge, TN

Common Causes of Neck Pain in oak ridge tn

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Neck pain might be something as minor as a twinge when you turn your head, or it might be debilitating enough that you can't turn your head at all. There could be many reasons behind your neck pain, but there's at least one effective way to treat it. Receiving a chiropractic adjustment near Oak Ridge TN may be just what you need to alleviate your neck pain. Continue reading to learn about a few of the common causes of neck pain.

Facet Joint Pain in Oak Ridge TN

If you were in a recent car accident, you might have experienced whiplash. Sometimes, symptoms of whiplash won't show up for several weeks, but when you see your chiropractor, be sure to mention any accidents you've been in, recent or otherwise. The most common cause for chronic neck pain comes from the facet joints. These joints are connected to the vertebrae and allow smooth motion when you bend or rotate. If your neck is tender, particularly after an accident, it's possible you've injured a facet joint.

Disc Injuries

Sometimes, the outer wall of a disc may become torn. This outer wall, also called the annulus, will usually heal, but when it doesn't, pain may develop in the nerve endings located in the annulus. Other possible causes of neck pain are a herniated disc or a bone spur. These issues may cause arm pain along with neck pain. When seeing your chiropractor, ask about the possibilities of a herniated disc in the neck region.

Muscle Injury

Most often, a specific muscle strain is not the cause of chronic neck pain. A muscle strain in the neck can cause severe pain, but will usually go away with a few stretches and a couple days of rest. If your neck pain persists, contact your chiropractor for an adjustment and discuss the possibility of a more serious muscle injury.


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