Knee Ligament Injuries in Oak Ridge, TN

Knee Ligament Injuries in Oak Ridge TN

Chiropractic Oak Ridge TN Knee Pain

Sometimes the posterior and anterior cruciate ligaments get sprained and cause a lot of acute pain. These types of injuries are caused by a blow to the outer side of the knee that affects the inner side of the knee by stretching and tearing the ligament. Ligament injuries are common after car accident, hockey and soccer games. Meniscus injuries in Oak Ridge TN can be very painful and are caused by quick rotations or twists of the upper leg or constant repetitive rotations of the knee.

What kind of treatment can I expect in Oak Ridge TN?

Every patient is different, as well as every case is. In our office we develop a personalized treatment plan that is right for you including your other medical conditions, age and lifestyle.The typical treatment will include three main stages: reduce joint inflammation and pain; normalize joint function and enroll you in the right rehabilitation program.

The first stage will include avoiding aggravating factors, using support to do activities, use ice to reduce inflammation and muscle spasm, employing interferential therapy and ultrasound. During the second stage we will use specific chiropractic manipulation techniques to improve the functionality and reduce pain.

And finally the rehabilitation program will include all the necessary strength, endurance and stability exercises for the joint to recover quickly and prevent future injuries.Contact us today for a free consultation on your problem!


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