Potential Causes of Headaches in Oak Ridge, TN

Potential Causes of Headaches in Oak Ridge TN

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If you suffer from frequent headaches, you may benefit from chiropractic adjustment near Oak Ridge TN. Headaches are common conditions treated by chiropractors that can cause mild discomfort or debilitating pain, and everything in between. Common headache triggers include muscle tension, stress, and over-medication.

Muscle tension in the neck has been linked to the formation of headaches. Individuals who remain in one position for extended periods of time, such as office workers, are more likely to develop muscle tension in their necks and to subsequently suffer from headaches.

Stress and Headaches in Oak Ridge TN

People who find it difficult to relax are at risk for developing everything from minor headaches to chronic migraines. Meditation, breathing exercises, and physical activity may help individuals cope better with stress and reduce their headaches.

When a person feels a headache coming on, they often reach for the medicine cabinet and take over-the-counter painkillers. While this type of treatment masks the pain, taking too much medication can cause a headache of its own.

Headache sufferers can potentially benefit from chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors can reduce headaches through spinal manipulation, which improves the spine's function; by providing nutritional advice to decrease headache frequency and intensity; and by helping you improve your posture.


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