The Link Between Food and Chronic Headaches in Oak Ridge, TN

The Link Between Food and Chronic Headaches in oak ridge tn

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If you are like most people who suffer from headaches or back pain, you may have considered family chiropractic care near Oak Ridge TN. Indeed, chiropractic headache treatment has been proven to be highly successful. However, few people would ever think to blame their severe headaches on the foods they eat. If you suffer from regular headaches, ask your chiropractor about available treatments. Keep reading to learn more about the link between headaches and certain foods and drinks, including coffee, wine, soy, and ice cream.

Coffee and Headaches in Oak Ridge TN

It is important to tell you chiropractor if you suffer from headaches in the morning, as you may be a victim of caffeine withdrawal. When the body becomes accustomed to high doses of caffeine, or three cups per day, you may have severe headaches on days you do While you may not require advanced chiropractic care or electrical stimulation for simple caffeine headaches, your chiropractor may suggest taking in lower doses.


As part of chiropractic headache treatment for migraines, your chiropractor may suggest cutting out red wine. Preservatives in red wine known as sulfites have been known to trigger migraines. Additionally, excessive alcohol use can cause dehydration and increase blood flow to your brain, both of which can make headaches more severe. For migraine sufferers, hangovers can be especially painful.


Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is found in soy sauce and many other foods. In 10 to 15 percent of people who already suffer from migraines, MSG can cause even more severe headaches. In migraine patients, MSG is also linked to cramps and other stomach problems. Soy sauce also contains high amounts of salt, causing dehydration.

Ice Cream

If you get headaches after eating ice cream, your reaction is probably not caused by milk or eggs. Instead, headaches are often caused by the cold temperature of this dairy treat. A headache from cold foods is especially likely if you are overheated. While most headaches dissipate within one minute or less, migraine sufferers may be triggered by certain temperatures. For chronic headaches, always meet with a chiropractor.


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