The Link Between Spinal Traumas and Scoliosis in Kids near Oak Ridge, TN

The Link Between Spinal Traumas and Scoliosis in Kids near Oak Ridge TN

The Link Between Spinal Traumas and Scoliosis in Kids near Oak Ridge, TN

Slipped discs are conditions that are frequently treated with chiropractic center care. If your child has seen a chiropractor serving Oak Ridge TN for herniated disc treatment, you can benefit from understanding the link between spinal traumas and the development of scoliosis. kids - scoliosis

Causes of Childhood Scoliosis in Oak Ridge TN from Spinal Trauma

The majority of all cases of scoliosis in children seen by chiropractors are idiopathic, meaning that their cause is unknown. There are, however, some circumstances that can affect the spine and result in an abnormal spinal curvature. Conditions that affect the neuromuscular system, such as muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and cerebral palsy, can lead to scoliosis. Also, childhood spinal cord injuries and spinal disc herniations, as well as infections of the spine, may cause abnormal nerve function and lead to this condition.

Diagnosis of Childhood Scoliosis from Spinal Trauma

The majority of scoliosis cases do not cause pain for the patient, but may be identified by physical characteristics, such as one shoulder blade sticking out more than the other, or one leg appearing shorter. If you suspect that your kid's spine may be suffering from scoliosis, it is important to schedule an examination with his doctor. Although most cases of scoliosis do not require intervention, it is essential to monitor the condition for a progression of the curvature. During the physical examination, your doctor will examine your child for signs of scoliosis, such as abnormal spinal curvatures, improper posture, and asymmetry in the pelvis, waist, and rib cage. Be sure to provide your child's complete medical history to help his doctor or chiropractor identify potential causes of the scoliosis.

Treatment of Childhood Scoliosis from Spinal Trauma

The two major factors in developing a treatment plan for scoliosis are the level of the child's spinal maturity and the degree of the spinal curvature. The more mature your kid's spine is, the less likely the scoliosis is to progress, but severe curvatures are more vulnerable to progression than mild ones. The three treatment options for children and adolescents with scoliosis are observation, back bracing, and surgery. Luckily, most cases of scoliosis are mild and can be treated non-invasively.


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