The Symptoms of Spinal Ligament Injuries in Oak Ridge, TN

The Symptoms of Spinal Ligament Injuries in Oak Ridge TN

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If you've been in a car accident and are looking for back injury treatment in Oak Ridge TN, you may be suffering from a spinal ligament injury. Also referred to as a back sprain, this type of injury occurs when the tough bands of connective tissue that join the bones of the spine are torn from their attachments. This problem is one often treated by chiropractors and usually occurs when the ligaments are overstretched due to sudden or extreme movements. back - pain

Identification of Symptoms in Oak Ridge TN

People who have suffered a spinal ligament injury will often experience pain in their back that worsens with movement. Muscles spasms and cramping are also common. Back sprains can lead to decreased function or range of motion in the affected joint, causing the individual to experience difficulty bending sideways or forward, walking, or standing straight. It's also possible for the person to feel a tear or pop in their back at the time of injury.

Causes of Symptoms

Spinal ligament injury symptoms can be caused by a single incident such as a car collision, or an instance of improper lifting. Chronic strains can also occur and are caused by repetitive and prolonged movements that put strain on the spine's ligaments. In many cases, these injuries are a result of a sudden fall, twist, or jolt to the body that forces a joint out of position and causes the attached ligament to tear. Having weak abdominal or back muscles, playing sports that involve pushing and pulling, and having tight hamstrings increases your risk for back sprain.

Treatment of Symptoms

Among patients seeking chiropractic care for back injury treatment, spinal ligament injuries are some of the most commonly diagnosed conditions. These injuries are identified through examination and review of the patient's symptoms and method of injury. If rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and cold treatments fail to address the individual's symptoms, chiropractors may recommend spinal manipulation to loosen the back muscles and promote healing.


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