The Uses of Spinal Traction in Oak Ridge, TN

The Uses of Spinal Traction in Oak Ridge TN

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A chiropractor serving Oak Ridge TN relies on spinal traction for many reasons. Spinal traction is ideal for treating different kinds of neck and back pain. With spinal traction, a chiropractor gently stretches your back, pulling apart the vertebrae. The goal is to create more space between the vertebrae, creating more space for nerves. Spinal traction also relieves pressure on the spinal discs, muscles, and joints. If you want to learn more, visit a family chiropractic practice for an in-person assessment. Keep reading to find out more about the uses of spinal traction. back - neck - pain

Spinal Stenosis in Oak Ridge TN

A chiropractor frequently uses spinal traction to effectively treat spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis puts pressure on your spine, including your spinal cord. It usually occurs in the neck and lower back and can cause severe lower back pain. Spinal stenosis is associated with wear and tear that occurs naturally as you age. With spinal traction, a chiropractor relieves pressure that has built up in your spine and neck. Spinal traction relives pain, numbness, and muscle weakness.

Herniated Discs

In advanced chiropractic care, spinal traction is also used to treat herniated discs. When used in conjunction with decompression therapy, it is proven to be highly effective at relieving pain and promoting the healing of bulging discs. A herniated disc occurs when a spinal disc pushes through a crack in your spine's outside casing. While a herniated disc sometimes causes no symptoms, it can also cause severe pain and numbness in the arms, legs, and back. By reducing disc pressure, spinal traction promotes movement of the spinal disc material back to its normal position.
Advanced Sciatica

Finally, chiropractic care relies on spinal traction to treat moderate to advanced cases of sciatica. Sciatic pain results when pressure is exerted on the sciatic nerve, which consists of nerve fibers that travel from the back down the legs. Because this nerve branches out throughout the body, nerve damage can result in pain in the buttocks, lower leg, foot, or thigh. With spinal traction, a chiropractor will re-align your spine, reducing nerve pressure.


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