Understanding Spinal Ligament Injuries in Oak Ridge, TN

Understanding Spinal Ligament Injuries in Oak Ridge TN

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If you suffer from chronic lower back pain or have recently injured your back, you may want to visit a chiropractor for lower back pain treatment in Oak Ridge TN. Lower back pain can be a result of a herniated disc, a bulging disc, sciatica, or a slipped disc; however, the most common cause of lower back pain is a spinal ligament injury. These injuries are often caused by car accidents that result in whiplash. A chiropractor near you can help diagnose and treat your lower back pain.

Causes of Spinal Ligament Injuries in Oak Ridge TN

Spinal ligament injuries are also called torn ligaments. They are caused when a ligament is torn or ripped from its attachment. These injuries occur most often in the lower back because people use the lower back so much when standing, lifting, running, climbing, and sitting down. They can also be caused by car accidents or from falling.

Symptoms of Spinal Ligament Injuries

The primary symptoms of spinal ligament injuries are chronic or intense lower back pain, tenderness and inflammation around the lumbar region of the spine, and muscle spasms. You may notice that you feel stiffness and pain in your lower back, particularly if you stand up after you have been sitting down or lying down for a long period of time. It may also be difficult to bend down to pick something up, or even to reach your arms above your head.

Treatment for Spinal Ligament Injuries

If you visit a chiropractor for lower back pain treatment, he will try more conservative treatment approaches first. These may include a period of rest, during which you alternate the application of ice packs or cold compresses with heating pads. Your chiropractor may also recommend certain stretches, massage, pain medication, and physical therapy. If these treatments are unsuccessful, you may benefit from spinal manipulation or spinal decompression therapy. Spinal injections may also be used to reduce your pain and inflammation.


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