Understanding the Symptoms of Whiplash in Oak Ridge, TN

Understanding the Symptoms of Whiplash in Oak Ridge TN

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Rear-end car collisions, sports injuries, and falls are among the most common causes of whiplash. When the head is abruptly forced backward and then forward, the ligaments around the vertebrae can be torn. Additionally, the nerve roots and the facet joints in the cervical spine can sustain damage. The symptoms of whiplash can become quite severe and may even become chronic. It's best to seek whiplash treatment near Oak Ridge TN as soon as possible after suffering neck trauma in an accident. A chiropractor can provide a range of effective treatments, including therapeutic ultrasound and a chiropractic adjustment .

Symptom Onset

Most types of injuries caused by a car crash or other major accident are immediately apparent, such as bone fractures and lacerations. However, whiplash is different. Many people with whiplash feel fine right after the collision. The symptoms may not develop until 48 hours later. With chiropractic care, symptoms can resolve in a timely manner. Less commonly, some patients experience symptoms for months or years.

Understanding the Symptoms of Whiplash in Oak Ridge TN

Common Symptoms

When visiting a chiropractor, it's important to disclose all of your symptoms, even if they do not appear to be related to the neck injury at first blush. Most often, whiplash involves pain and stiffness of the neck, along with loss of range of motion. The neck pain may worsen with movement. Patients may also suffer from headaches that begin in the base of the skull. Dizziness, fatigue, tingling in the arms, and pain in the upper back, shoulders, and arms can also develop.

Less Common Symptoms

Sometimes, patients with severe whiplash develop other symptoms in addition to neck pain and stiffness. Less common symptoms of whiplash can include irritability, blurry vision, memory problems, ringing in the ears, and difficulty concentrating.

Whiplash Associated Disorder Symptoms

Among patients who suffer from severe whiplash and develop chronic symptoms, whiplash associated disorder can arise. Symptoms of severe and prolonged whiplash can include anxiety, frustration, anger, depression, sleep disturbances, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


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