What Are the Benefits of Spinal Traction in Oak Ridge TN?

What Are the Benefits of Spinal Traction in Oak Ridge TN?

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While you may associate visiting your chiropractor in Oak Ridge, TN with treatments for improved spinal alignment, there are others ways in which these doctors can promote the health of your back. Spinal traction, for example, is a type of decompression therapy that chiropractors frequently use to treat a range of conditions that can cause back pain, neck pain, and other symptoms. This treatment can benefit patients in several ways: spine - chiropractor

Relieving Muscle Spasms in Oak Ridge TN

Spinal traction works well for muscle spasm treatment at a chiropractic center. Due to day-to-day life, poor posture, lifting, and bending, muscle spasms can develop along your spine and in your back. The contracted muscles themselves can be painful, and they can also restrict your movement or put pressure on nearby nerves. Treatment with spinal traction can help release pressure on the spine and allow muscle spasms to relax so that they can return to a normal state and reduce the patient's related symptoms.

Promoting Disc Healing

A common type of injury treated by chiropractors is a herniated disc. This condition is often a result of trauma that causes one of the discs between the bones of the spine to rupture. When this happens, the inner part of the disc can protrude outward. If the bulging disc presses against nearby nerve roots, this can cause pain, numbness, or weakness for the individual. To help promote disc healing, doctors sometimes recommend spinal traction, which may reduce some of the pressure on the injured disc, allowing it to heal faster or no longer press against nerve roots.

Decreasing Sciatica Pain

If you suffer from sciatica pain, then you may benefit from spinal traction. Sciatica sometimes develops when a ruptured or bulging spinal disc presses on the nerve roots that are connected to the sciatic nerve. This condition can cause numbness, pain, or weakness in the person's back, buttock, or leg. If your sciatica is the result of a disc problem, then spinal traction may be able to alleviate your symptoms by relieving some of the pressure on the aggravating disc.a


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