A Brief Look at Hormonal Headaches in Oak Ridge, TN

A Look at Hormonal Headaches in Oak Ridge TN

Chiropractic Oak Ridge TN Headache FAQs

Many women suffer from menstrual migraines or headaches right before the beginning of their period. The estrogen and progesterone hormone levels drop, and a migraine may result and last for a few days. If you suffer from hormonal symptoms and headaches, consider chiropractic headache treatment in Oak Ridge TN.

Hormonal Headaches and Birth Control in Oak Ridge TN

Hormonal headaches can be difficult to treat. Women taking birth control pills typically suffer from menstrual migraines more often than those who are not taking these medications. If you're taking birth control pills, ones with lower doses of estrogen may be less likely to cause hormonal headaches. A medical doctor might prescribe certain pain relievers or other medications depending on the severity, frequency, and longevity of your headaches.

Other methods of headache and menstrual symptom relief can come from chiropractic adjustments. Your chiropractor can direct his or her adjustments and chiropractic care as needed to relieve headaches, menstrual cramps, and lower back pain. He or she might also suggest natural pain remedies and herbal supplements to manage your symptoms.


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