Developing a Care Plan for Chronic Headaches in Oak Ridge, TN

Developing a Care Plan for Chronic Headaches in Oak ridge tn

Chiropractic Oak Ridge TN Woman With Head Pain

Almost anyone knows the pain of a headache. Whether it's a fleeting twinge here and there, pressure that comes from a sinus issue, or a persistent throb behind the eye, headaches are no joke. Instead of taking over-the-counter medication to dull the pain, why not look into treating your headache with chiropractic care in Oak Ridge TN? Receiving a chiropractic adjustment is a healthy choice for your entire body, in addition to your chronic headaches.

Things You Can Do

If you have chronic headaches, take a look at your daily life. Do you sit at a computer all day, especially with few breaks? Will you go several hours without drinking water or eating food? Are you so stressed that you clench your teeth without realizing it? These are all factors to consider when you have persistent headaches. Get up and stretch your neck and shoulders frequently throughout the day, stay hydrated with several eight-ounce glasses of water, and try out low-impact exercises to relieve stress and the headaches that come with it.

Things Your Oak Ridge TN Chiropractor Can Do

You've tried everything, but your headaches continue-chiropractic care may be just what you need. Your chiropractor will get to the root of your headaches by asking you questions about your medical history and everyday activities, and then examine your neck and spine. Quite often, there is a misalignment in the spine which puts pressure on the nerves. This pressure leads to migraines. After examining your spine, your chiropractor will perform manual manipulations on your neck. This can help reduce the stress upon your spinal nerves. Your chiropractor may also recommend stretches and nutritional aids that you can utilize at home.

Steps for Prevention

Now that the pain has been reduced or disappeared, what can you do to keep it from coming back? Most likely, your chiropractor will give you some "homework" to help keep the headaches at bay, and he or she may also advise continued chiropractic maintenance. This maintenance is good for your overall spinal health, which affects multiple areas of your body, including your organs, muscles, and nerves.


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