A Guide to Checking Your Child for Scoliosis Symptoms in Oak Ridge, TN

A Guide to Checking Your Child for Scoliosis Symptoms in Oak RIdge TN

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Normally, the spine curves gently from front to back, not from side to side. A person who has atypical sideways curvatures can be diagnosed with scoliosis, an orthopedic condition of the spine that can range from mild to severe. Children in Oak Ridge TN, who have mild scoliosis might not require medical intervention beyond chiropractic adjustments. Those with severe scoliosis may require back bracing and perhaps surgery. Children are typically screened for signs of scoliosis at their school or pediatrician's office. However, parents can also check for the possible signs of scoliosis in their children.

Evaluating Your Child's Appearance

The sideways curvatures of the spine may be so mild that they do not cause noticeable changes in a child's appearance. It may take some very close observation to detect these changes. Ask your child to stand up straight on a level surface. Consider whether one of your child's hips or shoulders is higher than the other. One of the shoulder blades might appear to be more prominent and the head might appear to be off-center. Ask your child to bend forward from the waist and observe whether the ribs appear to be higher on one side than the other. The waistline might also be flat on one side. Some parents might notice that their children's clothing seems to hang in an asymmetrical fashion.

Identifying Your Child's Symptoms in Oak Ridge TN

Scoliosis does not always cause any symptoms, especially when the degree of curvature is minor. However, some children may complain of symptoms that may be attributed to scoliosis. The abnormal curvature of the spine may exert pressure on the facet joints, back muscles, ligaments, nerves, or intervertebral discs. If so, your child may experience persistent back pain. Nerve compression might also cause pain that extends down the legs. Some children may experience the loss of bowel or bladder control. If the ribcage is compressed against the heart and lungs, the child may suffer from breathing problems, lung infections, and even heart failure.

Undergoing a Medical Exam

If you suspect your child might have scoliosis, it's important to get an accurate diagnosis. The medical provider can perform a physical exam and confirm the diagnosis with imaging studies such as X-rays.


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