Diagnosing Spinal Soft Tissue Injuries in Oak Ridge, TN

Spinal Soft Tissue Injuries in Oak Ridge TN

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If you seek back injury treatment in Oak Ridge TN, one condition your chiropractor may diagnose you with is a spinal soft tissue injury. A soft tissue injury in the spine can occur when any of the ligaments in the spine are damaged. This video explains more.

Spinal Sprains in Oak Ridge TN

Spinal soft tissue injuries are also referred to as spinal sprains. To determine if you have one of these injuries, your chiropractor may use both a physical exam and X-rays. If you're diagnosed with a soft tissue injury, your chiropractic care will focus on relieving your pain while treating any underlying spinal subluxation that is contributing to the injury. With multiple chiropractic sessions, your injury should heal without long-term mobility consequences.


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