Spotting the Signs of Scoliosis in Children in Oak Ridge, TN

Spotting the Signs of Scoliosis in Children in Oak Ridge TN

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If your child has scoliosis, early diagnosis can help prevent worsening of the condition. Your chiropractor in Oak Ridge TN can provide the light-touch care necessary to treat scoliosis in your child safely and without pain. Scoliosis can often go undiagnosed in its early stages, so keep an eye out for these symptoms.

How to Tell if Your Child Has Scoliosis in Oak Ridge TN

For most children, scoliosis does not cause any pain, which is why it is so important for parents to be vigilant about symptoms. Start by examining your child while he or she is wearing a bathing suit. Look at his or her shoulders-do they appear to be even, or is one higher than the other? Another indication is pant legs; does one leg look longer than the other? You may also notice that one hip on your child looks like it is higher than the other one. All of these symptoms can indicate the telltale spine curve associated with scoliosis. Talk to your chiropractor about treatment options for scoliosis. Chiropractic care for scoliosis may consist of spinal adjustments, electrical stimulation, and exercise recommendations.


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