Injuries and Foot Pain in Oak Ridge, TN

Injuries and Foot Pain in oak ridge tn

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Despite the many health benefits of physical activity, it can sometimes lead to sports injuries. Injuries of the foot are particularly common; however, a chiropractor serving Oak Ridge TN can get you on the road to recovery. At a family chiropractic clinic, the doctor will evaluate whether foot subluxation or hyperpronation could be to blame for the problem. Pronation refers to the movement of the foot. When a foot is hyperpronated, it rolls excessively inward. Eventually, hyperpronation can lead to inflammation of the soft tissues of the foot. Chiropractic care can help relieve the inflammation, and restore flexibility and range of motion.

Common Sports Injury Treatment in Oak Ridge TN

Another common sports injury a chiropractor can treat is a fallen arch. A fallen arch occurs when the tendons of the foot do not pull together as they should. This problem may be caused by tendon damage, nerve problems, or dislocated bones. A fallen arch can cause the foot to become painful, achy, and swollen. Without proper treatment, it may eventually result in calcaneal bursitis. Although resting the foot can temporarily manage symptoms, a chiropractor can resolve the underlying problem.


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