Understanding the Role of Motion X-Rays in Chiropractic Care in Oak Ridge, TN

Understanding the Role of Motion X-Rays in Chiropractic Care in oak ridge tn

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You may already be familiar with diagnostic imaging such as x-rays. X-rays work by directing beams of low-dose radiation through the body. The images that result depict the patient's bones. Traditional x-rays have long been used in family chiropractic for conducting patient assessments and informing the treatment planning process. However, traditional x-rays do not always accurately show damage or dysfunction. This is why you may wish to look for a practice of chiropractic near Oak Ridge TN that offers digital motion x-rays, or DMX, also known as dynamic motion x-rays.

Understanding How Motion X-Rays Work in Oak Ridge TN

Although traditional x-rays are useful in many circumstances, they are limited in that they cannot show dynamic dysfunction. In other words, a traditional x-ray shows a body part when it is static or motionless. As the name suggests, motion x-rays provide a visual record of the structure of the body while it is moving. To accomplish this, a chiropractor can use technology known as fluoroscopy. Instead of holding still while the chiropractic doctor takes x-rays, patients are asked to move the head back and forth or to move another affected body part. While a patient is completing these movements, the motion x-ray machine takes 30 x-rays every second and transmits these images to a video monitor. The result may be described as being similar to an x-ray video.

Improving Patient Assessments

Motion x-rays are not yet widely available. However, advanced chiropractic clinics may offer this technology to improve the accuracy of diagnostics. Motion x-rays may be particularly helpful for patients whose static imaging scans do not appear to depict any subluxations. Despite the apparent absence of physical dysfunction, these patients may continue to suffer from chronic symptoms such as pain, numbness, headaches, and dizziness. Motion x-rays allow chiropractors to thoroughly evaluate the potential causes of these symptoms. For example, chiropractors can use this technology to detect joint instability caused by ligament laxity. Loose ligaments are not capable of providing all of the support the joints need. Patients with ligament laxity are at a higher risk of developing degenerative changes of the joints. By detecting these problem areas through motion x-rays, chiropractors are better able to develop an effective treatment plan.


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