Viewing Spinal Instability in Oak Ridge, TN

Viewing Spinal Instability in oak ridge tn

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When you visit a chiropractor for back injury treatment in Oak Ridge TN, you may have x-rays taken to assess the damage to the spine. Computerized radiographic mensuration analysis, also known as CRMA, is a sophisticated tool that your chiropractor may use to gain an in-depth understanding of your spinal instability, which may be caused by ligament laxity.

Chiropractic Assessment for Spinal Instability in Oak Ridge TN

This advanced chiropractic assessment tool is further explained in this video. The spinal ligaments facilitate tight movement patterns of the spine. When the ligaments sustain damage, spinal movement patterns are adversely affected. This may lead to impingement of nerves or chronic irritation of the area next to the nerves. With CRMA, a chiropractic doctor can identify these problem areas by evaluating the movement patterns of the spine.


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