Recognizing the Signs of Scoliosis in Your Child in Oak Ridge, TN

Recognizing the Signs of Scoliosis in Your Child in Oak Ridge TN

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When you bring your child to a chiropractor serving Oak Ridge TN, he or she can perform a comprehensive health evaluation. Occasionally, a general evaluation will reveal a structural problem such as scoliosis, which refers to the abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. Unlike many other spinal conditions such as a bulging disc, scoliosis often doesn't cause obvious symptoms. However, the chiropractor may notice asymmetry of the body.

X-Rays for Asymmetry of the Body in Oak Ridge TN

This video offers an in-depth explanation of the asymmetry that a doctor of advanced chiropractic may observe. For example, the chiropractor may check to see if there is asymmetrical rib prominence, differences in waist creases, or asymmetrical shoulder height. The chiropractor can review X-rays to confirm the diagnosis of scoliosis.


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