Step to Take if Your Child Is Injured in a Car Accident in Oak Ridge, TN

Step to Take if Your Child Is Injured in a Car Accident in Oak Ridge TN

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No one enjoys the thought of being involved in a car accident. But when a child is in the car, a collision is truly terrifying. A car accident can cause a range of physical and psychological injuries, ranging from chronic lower back pain to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although your first phone call after a crash should be to an emergency dispatcher, it's a good idea to call a family chiropractic office as soon as possible. In the aftermath of a car wreck, a doctor of chiropractic near Oak Ridge TN can help your family heal.

Take Your Child to the ER if Necessary

After the crash, check your child carefully for signs of severe injuries. Look for lacerations, contusions, and possible signs of fractures. Consider whether your child may have a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which may cause symptoms such as confusion, loss of consciousness, and dizziness. If your child shows any signs of a serious injury, you should immediately call for an ambulance to transport your child to the nearest ER.

Bring Your Child to a Chiropractor in Oak Ridge TN

After your child has been treated at the ER and discharged, schedule a visit to a chiropractor. ER doctors can evaluate concussions, suture wounds, and provide similar treatment; however, a chiropractor can provide care to support your child's long-term recovery. Chiropractic care is drug-free and gentle, which is particularly ideal for children. Even if your child does not appear to have suffered serious injuries and the crash was a minor fender bender, you should take your child to the chiropractor right away. Chiropractors are highly skilled in evaluating injuries that aren't immediately apparent after a crash, such as whiplash.

Observe Your Child for Complications

In the weeks ahead, carefully follow your child's ER discharge instructions and the chiropractor's care plan. You can expect to bring your child back to the chiropractic office for at least a few additional treatments. You should also observe your child for signs of additional health problems, such as new or worsening symptoms. It is possible for a child to develop PTSD after a car crash. PTSD may cause a range of symptoms in young children, including frequent nightmares, jumpiness, fear, detachment, and persistent worrying.


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