What Causes Sciatica in Oak Ridge, TN?

What Causes Sciatica in Oak Ridge TN?

low back pain

Do you have dull pain radiating down your legs? What about a sharp pain in your lower back? You may be suffering from sciatica and require chiropractic care. If you think you need sciatica treatment near Oak Ridge TN read on to learn more.

How Sciatica Begins in Oak Ridge TN

Sciatica results from compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve in the lower back. This may be caused by wrong or sudden movements that pinch the nerve and cause pain. Sciatica can also come as a result after a hip injury, major surgery on lower body, or a muscle imbalance, all of which may cause a rotated pelvis at the sacroiliac joint. The sciatic nerve runs next to this joint and can cause pain when rubbing together. Another common source of sciatic pain is in the buttocks. Rather than run under the many muscles in this area, as it should, sometimes the sciatic nerve instead runs through the piriformis muscle. Simple movements such as stretching and driving are painful because the muscle contracts and presses against the sciatic nerve. The most effective treatment for sciatic pain is chiropractic care.


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